Lace Fabric: Take a Walk on the Wild Side...

If you haven't seen the TV series 'Stranger Things' then you are seriously late to the party! But never fear, the third series of the hit show will be released on Netflix on the 4th July. To celebrate the release of the new series, which is as visually-exciting as it is dramatic, here we look at some of our more unusual wedding dress fabrics...

Ivory Beaded Lace: Theodor

Onto an ivory tulle background of impeccable quality, our designer has created a design that is nothing less than fabulous. Starting at one side of the fabric, elaborately arranged sequins, beads and pearls nestle densely together, becoming less dense as the design continues. Towards the other side of the fabric, only slim, eyecatching islands of embroidery remain, making this an exotic, unusual and truly unique choice.

Ivory Sequinned Lace - Theodora

Moondust Couture Embroidery

The 'Stranger Things' series combines many different dramatic styles but science fiction themes run throughout. Moondust couture embroidery is available in a choice of three space-age metallic colours (iridescent ivory, matt ivory and silver) and features an array of sequins linked together in a phenomenal open weave. Subtle silver thread completes the futuristic look.

Ivory Sequinned Lace - Moondust

Black Raschel Lace: Jayne

Designed for making glam eveningwear or even a wedding gown for the more daring and uncon­ven­tional bride, Jayne black lace features exciting metallic detail and the finest of silver filigree threads running throughout the embroidered floral motifs. These metallic elements belie the sumptuously soft handle that this lace fabric displays.

Black Lace - Jayne

There are lots of ways to find the ideal lace fabrics on our website. Our powerful search facility allows you to search by colour, type, material composition or lace charac­te­ristics. You can also search any keyword that comes to your mind, think 'drama', 'unique', 'flamboyant' and 'vintage'... search now and be inspired!

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