Olive Green Lace – Maria.

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An Olive Green corded border lace on a fine tulle ground that measures 132cm (52") wide.

The rose type motifs are alternating 1 and 2 flower designs, which are delicately embroidered to emphasize their beauty. The flowers are highlighted with fine cording, which also incorporates a fine gold filigree thread.

This lace has symmetrical borders.

50% Nylon/50% Rayon

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25th Jun 2017, 22:58
Maria Lace is a very versatile and pretty lace that my wedding dress maker used to brilliant effect in the body of the top of my dress and also in cutting out roses to make a trim detail at the bottom. I knew that I wasn't going to have a traditi­onally coloured dress and Maria came in a number of lovely colours while still retaining the lovely golden thread detail. The colour I chose was Olive Green.
I also was able to cut out shapes to decorate my veil that I made myself.
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