New Laces for 2014

If you were one of the thousands of lucky ladies to receive a New Year's Eve marriage proposal, now is the time to start planning your dream bridal dress. Using material from our diverse and extensive collection, it is possible to create a truly unique gown that will make you look and feel your very best on the big day.

The New Year is celebrated by almost every culture on the planet, with a stunning variety of customs observed. As it is a time associated with hopeful beginnings and new enterprises, the New Year is often chosen as a time for marriage proposals, signifying the start of a brand new and lasting commitment.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are proud to present several new laces which have been added to our collection for 2014 and are now in stock, available to purchase. As choosing exactly the right fabric is essential for the bride-to-be, we are pleased to provide samples of our lace in order to allow customers to experience the breathtaking quality of each fabric in the comfort of their own home. Our custom-built website also offers a handy wish-list function, letting you create a personal portfolio of your favourite items for quick and easy later access.

Making its début as our very first corded Champagne lace, Cecelia features a simple, subtle design of large floral garlands running throughout. Matching scalloped edges add to the understated beauty of Cecilia, which will be joined in Spring 2014 by a selection of matching trim and appliqué.

On our most recent sourcing trip to Paris, the city of romance and fashion, one pair of new bridal lace designs featured heavily in everybody's conver­sation: Ella and Halle. With a very similar style, these lace designs comprise interwoven bouquets of pretty flowers, each of which has been hand-sewn with carefully-selected sequins and beads. Ella lace is the more striking of the two, thanks to an addition of exquisite metallic thread of an opulent Champagne hue.

Dramatic and flamboyant, Harmony ivorylace has a truly striking aesthetic. Big, bold flowers command attention; their bead, sequin and pearl embel­lis­hments catch the light and lead the eye into the dense and complex pattern of surrounding foliage. Each embel­lis­hment is perfectly sewn and, with an eclectic mixture of silver and ivory thread used to attach them, adds to the dazzling beauty of Harmony lace.

Jodie, another extravagant design, is a lace that is sure to attract much interested attention from our haute-couture customers. A fine and delicate tulle has been skilfully embroidered with a diverse selection of weaves, forming an elegant and tactile design of large flowers. Selected elements of the floral design have then been enhanced with pearls, sequins and beads to complete Jodie lace, which is set to become extremely popular thanks to its unique panache.

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