Raschel Lace

raschel lace

Castle Ashby

Raschel laces are knitted rather than woven and are possible in a versatile range of looks and weights.

The machines were developed in the 19th Century and seen as an alternative to the more expensive Chantilly laces which were and are still woven on Leavers Machines.

Designs that are made on Raschel machines are every bit as delicate and sophis­ticated as those made in Chantilly but the production tends to be faster and therefore the price can be less.

The handle is lightweight with a soft drape, resulting in an exquisite fabric.  Click on Bethany, Cassidy and Cheryl to evaluate the qualities of this delicate lace.  Further examples of hand beaded Raschel Lace include Henley, Ashley and Brianna.

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