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Silk Georgette Fabric

Silk Georgette Marquis

Dimitra Anoushka

Georgette fabrics have crinkly crepe-light texture, which feels slightly rough and dull, but gives the fabric a bouncy, flowing look.

The threads used in georgette fabric are highly twisted, which causes them to crinkle as they relax.

The weave of georgette tends to be rather tight, but the overall appearance is slightly sheer, since the threads are very thin.

Unlike some fine silks, georgette fabric is also unusually strong, and it holds up well to varied wear.

The crepe-like texture of georgette fabric makes it very springy, so that the fabric almost appears to move on its own.

It also drapes very well, making it a popular choice for women's fashions in which clingy, flowing fabrics are favored.

Since georgette fabric is thin, it is also lightweight, and can be used as a layer in a larger garment without being heavy or bulky.

Layers of georgette fabric may be used for a fanciful effect, especially in gowns.

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