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Amy Lace is a beautiful Chantilly Lace design in soft white, which has closely set all over floral motifs. The embroidery sits on quite an open tulle and the edges of the flowers are corded to make them stand out.

The edge of this lace has a delicate fringe, predomi­nantly made out of the cording used in the pattern. Both edges have identical scallops.

This lace measures 92cms (36") wide including the fringe and has a matching edging so that the wedding dress can be coordinated. Some people are now co-ordinating their bridal gown with their cake, wrapping the lace trim around the circum­frence.

This is a prime example of French Chantilly Lace and is also available in ivory or black .

The compostion is 40% Fibrane Viscose, 29% Cotton, 23% Viscose, 8% Polyamide


29% Cotton, 8% Nylon, 23% Viscose, 40% Viscose Fibrane

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