Sublime Sparkle with Sequinned Lace

Sequins add glitter, sparkle and a touch of magic to a wedding gown. Here we look at tree gorgeous examples of sequinned lace available now from Bridal Fabrics.

Zion: Blush Sequinned Lace

Rendered in a subtle yet striking blush coloration, Zion sequinned lace is based on a deliciously-complex mesh of sparkling silver metallic threads. Onto this framework, a glistening array of vibrantly sparkling sequins is laid, along with subtle pearls. Check out the bridal separates created using Zion sequinned lace fabric, which were designed and made by The Little Seamstress.

Charlene: Black Sequinned Lace

The metallic colors of silver and gold are most often used when creating sequins but Charlene lace fabric goes a daring step further with the addition of black sequins. This addition makes the wedding dress material ideal for creating chic evening wear too.

Anya: Ivory Sequinned Lace

One of the consistent bestsellers here at Bridal Fabrics, Anya ivory lace fabric is especially exciting thanks to the different beading styles used in its design. The beads, along with delicate featherlike threads, creates a hypnotic repeating pattern of diamonds that is framed by matching straight edges. This time, the sequins used are colorless, allowing them to change in tone as different types of light strike them.

This is just a small selection of the sequinned lace styles carried by Bridal Fabrics. Search our website to find many more.

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